Capital Life

Case Study

When first approached by Capital Life Funeral Plans, the brief was to design a logo with a small website. This brief grew and grew to include all aspect of the brand including stationary, folders, brochures, email templates and a much larger main website.

Capital Life are an umbrella company that was focussing its initial products in the funeral Planning market. As a result, the logo was briefed to be designed in such a way as it could be used further for other products in their portfolio.

Other stipulations in the brief were to include a regal theme (including the use of Royal Blue) and to reflect the high quality of their products.

To get the feeling of established and trustworthy, the logo font was built as a bespoke serif typeface with a semi-bold weight. This keeps the logo light whilst differentiating it from any content. The addition of the yellow ochre added a golden counterpart to the Royal Blue adding a bright and friendly look and feel.

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