Who am I?

“A designer with a love for code, or a programmer with an eye for design”

During my last year studying Graphic Design at Stockport College, I developed a fascination with the Internet which has lasted ever since. I was the first pupil at the college to have a website brief included in their major end of year project and that exposure to code was a catalyst to the next 20+ years of my career.

In that time, I have worked on all kinds of websites that range from editorial, e-commerce, classified and brochure driven. Small local businesses to massive national and international sites.

A large portion of my career has been spent working with the Manchester Evening News and The Daily Mirror. Starting as a member of the Guardian’s Regional Digital department in 2000, working on basic flat pages and progressing through to UX design for features/widgets/templates across the gamut of the Trinity Mirror portfolio.

In order to keep my design skills fresh and varied, I have also worked on many Freelance projects along the way, giving me the chance to produce work in Corporate ID & Branding, general print products and full websites from start to finish.

To make the process of design to front-end development run smoothly, I began designing in-browser and this honed my own front-end skills which have proven invaluable over the years. As a result I am proficient in HTML, CSS, Javascript and Jquery. I have also been working with WordPress to deliver bespoke themes for clients including several of my own plugins.

For a full run down of my experience and references, please drop me a line here.